On this page you will find some Frequently Asked Questions regarding GeoERA.


About the Call Stage One – Call for Ideas
Q: How can I propose a Project Idea?
A: Project Ideas must be submitted using the provided template (see Document No JC 6, Submission Template for Project Ideas). A detailed instruction and description on how to complete the Submission Template is given in Document No JC 5, Submission Guide.


Q: Why does GeoERA call explicitly for Transnational Projects and which are the requirements to be met?
A: GeoERA is a European programme aiming to boost and enforce joint actions on an European level. Thus, projects must involve at least two independent entities from two different EU Member States or associated countries. However, it would be desirable to reach even a wider spread of three or more participants.


Q: What will happen with my Project Idea?
A: The Project Ideas received in Stage One will provide input for the formulation of Specific Research Topics in Stage Two of the Joint Call (see Document No JC 2, Introduction to the Call Procedure). Document No JC 7, Eligibility check and Assessment describes in detail the process and the roles of the involved groups having access to the proposed Project Idea.


Q: Are the Project Ideas similar to Pre-Proposals?
A: Project Ideas are not Pre-Proposals. Submission of Project Ideas is open to all stakeholders to define the Stage Two Call Text. All members of GeoERA are allowed to submit Project Proposals in reaction to Specific Research Topics in Stage Two independent of the result of the assessment of earlier submitted Project Ideas.


Q: How can I upload a proposal?
A: Proposals on Project Ideas must be submitted using the Submission Template for Project Ideas (Document No JC6). By pressing the send button at the end of the template your Project Idea proposal will automatically be send to geoera@nwo.nl. Further detailed instructions are provided in the Submission Guide. (Document No JC 5).


Q: I have not received an automatic reply when submitting/sending my proposal. What shall I do?
A: Make sure that all mandatory fields are completed. Send your proposal again to the following e-mail address: geoera@nwo.nl. You should receive an electronic confirmation within one day. If the problem remains, please contact info@geoera.eu. Further detailed instructions are provided in the Submission Guide, page 6, “Checks before submitting the Project Idea”.


Q: How can I report an error?
A: Send us a description of the error by e-mail to info@geoera.eu.


About the Call Stage Two – Call for Project Proposals
Q: How can I become participant of a Project?
A: You can become a participant of a Project if you are 1) a beneficiary (member of the GeoERA Consortium), 2) a linked third party to one of these beneficiaries, or 3) a non-funded partner. Details are described in Document No JC 3, Admissibility and Eligibility.


Q: How can I propose a Project Proposal?
A: Project Proposals must be submitted using a template which will be available on the Call page when the Stage Two Call is launched.


Q: How will the Project Proposals be evaluated and selected?
A: Preceding the Evaluation, submitted project proposals will be checked for Admissibility and Eligibility (see Document No JC 3) by the GeoERA Secretariat. Then eligible Project Proposals will be forwarded to the Expert Panel.
Eligible proposals will be subject to an Independent Expert Evaluation (see Document No JC 8, Evaluation and Selection), following the general H2020 evaluation rules and award criteria. The Expert Panel will prepare a consensus report for each Project Proposal and establish a ranking list on the basis of which Project Proposals will be funded. Read here about the ranking procedure. An Independent Observer will accompany the process to observe whether the rules that govern the EU H2020 ERA-NET Co-funding are followed. He reports back on this to the European Commission. For further information see the EC Guidelines for Independent Observers.


Q: How will the Projects be agreed and financed?
A: Projects will be implemented on the basis of Project Agreements. Project Agreements will be set up by the Consortium of Participants following a template given by Attachment 4 of the GeoERA Consortium Agreement.


About the Project Implementation Phase
Q: How will the Projects be monitored and reported?
A: Reporting Procedures and Monitoring Indicators are described in detail in Document No PI1. Furthermore, the definition of eligible costs are explained as well as the expectations on Project Coordinators and Monitoring and Reporting Officer. Reporting Templates and E-Tools, to be published later) aiming to assist the Project Coordinator will facilitate this.