GeoERA Joint Call

The Call is set up in two stages:

  • Stage One: Call for Project Ideas.

    • The Call for Project Ideas opened on the 4th of April 2017 with a submission deadline of 7th of June 2017 at 17:00 CET. THIS CALL IS CLOSED.

    • To ensure contributions from the wider stakeholders community, to whom the outcomes of the transnational projects should be targeted, this Call is open to all interested parties and will provide input for the stage two call text.

  • Stage Two: Call for Project Proposals.

    • The Call for Project Proposals opened on the 17th October 2017 and will close on the 12th of January 2018, 17:00 CET. THIS CALL IS CLOSED.

    • The Call will fund only project proposals submitted by the geological survey organizations, that are members of GeoERA.

    • Below you will find the documents relevant for writing and submitting a proposal (Documents JC8 – JC12).

    • When you have written your proposal it must be submitted using this link.

Joining the Call

You can join the call by submitting Project Ideas in Stage One and Project Proposals in Stage Two using the instructions and supporting documents that will be published on this site.

DocumentPublication Date
Pre-Announcement1st January 2017
Joint Call Phase
No JC 104th April 2017
No JC 204th April 2017
No JC 304th April 2017
Stage 1 – Call for Project Ideas
No JC 404th April 2017
No JC 504th April 2017
No JC 604th April 2017
No JC 704th April 2017
Stage 2 – Call for Project Proposals04th April 2017
No JC 8Evaluation and Selection

Supporting documents
8A: Code of Conduct and Declaration
8B: Evaluation Form
8C: Payment to Independent Experts
8D: Qualification Profile of Expert Panel Members
No JC 9October 2017
No JC 10October 2017
No JC 11October 2017
No JC 12October 2017


Based on the Project Ideas received in Stage One, specific research topics have been identified within each of the themes of GeoEnergy, Groundwater, Raw Materials and Information Platform. These research topics have formed the foundation of the call text of Stage Two: Call for Project Proposals. Submitted Project Proposals will be checked on eligibility and admissibility, evaluated and reviewed by independent Technical Reviews and an independent Expert Panel using the EC H2020 review criteria. The output of this review will be a ranking list that will be the basis for the selection of the GeoERA projects. Here you can see Instructions to the Technical Reviewers and Instructions to the Expert Panel.