Raw materials


Mineral Raw Materials underpin societal development and Europe’s ambition for economic growth and well-being.  The European Commission recognises the importance of Raw Materials through its Raw Materials Initiative (RMI), the European Innovation Platform on Raw Materials (EIP-RM) and Horizon 2020 funding, specifically through Societal Challenge 5 – Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials.  These initiatives have as their overall objective:

  • The security and sustainability of mineral raw materials supply from EU domestic sources and other sources (primary and secondary) and

  • the management of competing uses of the European surface and subsurface.

GeoERA aims to optimize the use and management of the Raw Materials, while minimizing potential negative environmental, health and societal impacts.  GeoERA will:

  • Address both on-shore and off-shore resources.

  • Consider all mineral Raw Materials – metals, industrial minerals, construction materials and in particular Critical Raw Materials and

  • Consider all parts of the value chain in the context of the Circular Economy.

Specifically the Raw Materials Theme will contribute to the development of minerals intelligence (Minerals Yearbook and Minerals Inventory) and to innovation through the development of specific Pilot Studies such as:

  • Commodities for challenging environments and new frontiers, such as energy critical elements, energy storage, telecommunications, transport, societal well-being

  • Improving European regional geological and metallogenic knowledge

  • Improving existing genetic and exploration models and

  • creating 3D/4D modelling and 3D predictive targeting systems.

all with a view to developing more efficient and effective exploration tools and technologies leading to the sourcing of indigenous Raw Materials and the development of European industry and quality of life for all its citizens.

Theme coordinator for the Raw Materials theme is Antje Wittenberg antje.wittenberg@bgr.de from BGR.