Raw materials

Mineral Raw Materials are essential! In our daily life, for our sense of being and for a prospering society.

Alternative materials, circular economy and globalization cannot meet the European societal needs in terms of mineral raw materials. New production sites for minerals and rocks (dimension stone) need to be established while respecting sustainability and responsible sourcing policies.
GeoERA Raw Materials is recalling Europe’s long tradition in quarrying and mining that are nowadays still active in some regions. The re-evaluated potential of historical mining sites and new areas may add to reduce Europe’s vulnerability, and add to the security and sustainability of mineral raw materials supply from EU domestic sources right at the beginning of the value chain.

Nearly 40 National and Regional Geological Survey Organizations and Marine Institutes share expertise and information improving the EU Raw Materials Knowledge Base on European on- and off-shore resources. Coherent data and information, modern analyses, new insights and method developments are part of our work. Workshops and training courses underpin the cooperation. Foresight and forecasting of the raw material supply potential of Europe becomes more reliable though increased data quality and its harmonization. Some highlights of the scientific work are right here or dig deeper through the very scientific projects EuroLITHOS, FRAME, MINDeSEA and Mintell4EU. GeoERA Raw Materials creates valuable, accessible and public data and information for policy-makers and end-users of geological data and minerals information in Europe that is publicly available through EGDI and in line with the EU Raw Materials Information System (RMIS).

GeoERA Raw Materials assists in identifying high potential areas that may add to responsible sourcing and supply within Europe. Hence, it feeds into the EU Green Deal (COM 2019 640 final) Policy and its underpinning strategies e.g. the New Industrial Strategy (COM 2020 102 final) and the Strategy for Data (COM 2020 66 final) to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Theme coordinator for the Raw Materials theme is Antje Wittenberg from BGR.