Monitoring and Reporting

With the Projects, GeoERA aims to achieve the objectives set in Description of work. Progress of the Projects will be monitored regularly, as GeoERA’s objectives depend on their success. Monitoring is considered as an on-going practice of checking activities and their context, inputs, processes and results, and communicating these activities to the GeoERA monitoring team and storing the information for their future use in evaluation. The aim of the monitoring is to provide an overview of implemented indicators, deliverables and objectives of the individual Projects in respect to finance, time, administration and quality of results. Projects will communicate their progress and achieved indicators through the process of reporting.

In this section you can find all relevant documents and templates for reporting.

Reporting Procedures and Monitoring Indicators

Reporting Templates & e-Tool

Supporting documents:

PI doc. no. 2A Information on cummulative expenditures

PI doc. no. 2B Midterm Project Progress Report

PI doc. no. 2C Final Project Progress Report

PI doc. no. 2D Costs after Project end_new

PI doc. no. 2E Technical Review Report

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