GeoERA Information Platform Project (GIP-P)

It is the overall aim of GeoERA to integrate information and knowledge to support sustainable use of the subsurface. The geoscientific projects (GSPs) on subsurface energy, water and raw material resources will produce large amounts of geological data and information and the GeoERA Information Platform Project (GIP-P) will establish a common platform for organising, disseminating and sustaining the digital results of those projects.

The platform will include a central database, a metadatabase, a user-friendly web portal and a digital archive for organizing reports and unstructured data. The portal will include facilities for visualizing complex information like 3D/4D geological models. In order to ensure that the needs of the GSPs are fully identified and understood by the experts who will implement the platform, a specific organization will be set up to liaise between those projects and the GIP-P. Great effort will be put into adhering to European and international standards in order for the results to be as useful as possible for the whole of GeoERA and its external users thereby maximizing the overall impact of the project. Techniques like Linked Open Data and multilingual thesauri will be implemented to ensure maximum interoperability of the data and services.

The platform will be based on a coherent architecture which will take into account experiences gained in previous EU-funded data harmonization projects and be built as an extension to the European Geological Data Infrastructure EGDI. The project will explore how the sustainability of the platform is ensured after the end of GeoERA.

GIP-P support to the other GeoERA projects

To enable the other GeoERA projects to deliver their outputs, the GIP-project offers data provider support through a suite of tools including detailed documentation/cookbooks, email helpdesk, buddy systems/mentoring, workshops and eLearning resources. See video about the Work Package.

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D2.1.1, Potential synergies and overlaps between the projects.
D.2.1.2, Data Delivery Plan.
D.2.1.2 Annex 2.
D2.1.3 Synergies and overlaps between the projects
D2.2.1, Requirements to the GIP-project by the three other themes.
D2.2.2, Refinements of requirements after feedback.
D2.2.2 Appendix.
D2.3.1, Extensions to EGDI.
D2.3.2, Mapping and describing the needed extensions to EGDI.
D3.1, Data models, Standard Guidelines and Toolkits.
D3.2.1, Gap Analysis and Path Extension.
D3.2.2, Technical requirements and guidance to expose the data.
D3.3, Standards validation procedures.
D4.1, Keyword Thesaurus (RDF file).
D4.2, Keyword Thesaurus.
D4.3, Project Vocabularies.
D5.1, GIP-project blueprint: data and services architecture.D5.2, GeoERA Central System specification.
D6.2, Web portal version 1.1.
D6.3, Demonstrator portals, Version 1.
D6.4, Portal Version 2.
D7.1, Working Version Metadatabase.
D7.2, Finished testing the system and identifying problems.
D7.3, Central database harvesting.
D8.1, Cookbooks.
D8.3.1, Support network.
D8.3.2, A series of webinars and help videos for GIP data delivery.
D9.1, Financial aspects of sustaining the IP.
D10.1, Development of Questionnaire with Scientific Support.
D10.1, Development of Questionnaire with Scientific Support, Version 2.
D10.2, Limitations and constraints on free movement of data.
D10.3, Report on new legislation covering access/open access, etc.
D10.5, Data Management Plan.
D11.1, Communication Manual.
D11.2, Website content determination.

Work packages

WP1Coordination. Lead: GEUS. Contact Jørgen Tulstrup
WP2 User Requirements, Lead: RBINS. Contact David Garcia
WP3Standards and interoperability issues, Lead: ISPRA. Contact Carlo Cippoloni
WP4Semantic harmonisation issues, Lead: GBA. Contact Martin Schiegl
WP5Architecture, Lead: BRGM. Contact Jean-Baptiste Roquencourt
WP6Developments (user oriented), Lead: GEUS. Contact Martin Hansen
WP7Developments (central), Lead: GeoZS. Contact Andrej Vithelič
WP8Data provider support, Lead: UKRI. Contact Patrick Bell.
WP9Sustainability issues. Lead: GEUS. Contact Jørgen Tulstrup
WP10IPR and data policy issues, Lead: UKRI. Contact Chris Luton
WP11Communication and dissemination, Lead: IGME-ES. Contact Manuel Maria Regueiro González-Barros

Budget and Participants

The total budget for the project is 3,860,803€ of which the participants contribute 2,714,145€ and the EC contributes 1,146,659€.

The Participants and their contributions in terms of Man Months are:

Partner (Short name)Partner NameCountry/RegionMan Months
GEUS (Coordinator)Geological Survey of Denmark and GreenlandDenmark70.0
BGRBundesanstalt Für Geowissenschaften und RohstoffeGermany20.7
TNONederlandse Organistie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk OnderzoekThe Netherlands23.7
SGUSveriges geologiska undersökningSweden17.3
GeoZSGeoloski Zavod SlovenijeSlovenia79,0
CGSCeska Geologicka SluzbaCzech Republic31.0
BRGMBureau de Recherches Geologiques et MinieresFrance40.0
UKRIUnited Kingdom Research and InnovationUnited Kingdom23.0
ISPRAIstituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca AmbientaleItaly30.0
GTKGeologian TutkimuskeskusFinland6.0
NGUGeological Survey of NorwayNorway11.2
RBINSInstitut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de BelgiqueBelgium20.0
GSIDepartment of Communications, Climate Action & EnvironmentIreland19.0
IGME-ESInstituto Geológico y Minero de EspanaSpain42.0
GeoinformState Research and Development Enterprise State Information Geological of UkraineUkraine6.0
GIRInstitutul Geologic al RomanieiRomania7.3
GBAGeologische BundesanstaltAustria12.0
SGSSServizio Geologico, Sismico e dei Suoli della Regione Emilia-RomagnaEmilia-Romagna, Italy5.4
LfUBayerisches Landesamt fur UmweltBavaria, Germany12.6
LNEGLaboratorio Nacional de Energia e Geologia I.P.Portugal9.7
PIG-PIBPanstwowy Instytut Geologiczny – Panstwowy Instytut BadawczyPoland3.3
HGI-CGSHrvatski Geološki InstitutCroatia13.7
ISORÍslenskar orkurannsóknirIceland6.3
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