Geological Analysis and Resource Assessment of selected Hydrocarbon systems (GARAH)

A harmonized, scientific based, geological analysis and assessment conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon resources will help member states to continue the transition to lower Carbon energy sources. This will contribute to climate commitments, and allow the planning for secure sources of affordable energy. The analysis and assessment of hydrocarbons will focus on two areas:

1) in Europe’s major petroleum province – the North Sea a “Geological analysis and resource assessment of North Sea petroleum systems”. This research includes the assessment of conventional and unconventional oil and gas resources in the most important hydrocarbon basin in Europe. This will enable the remaining resource to be better understood and managed, and identify options for multiple and alternative uses of the subsurface as producing fields come off-line.

2) with a pan-European view, “Hydrate assessment in the European continental margin and related risks”.

The assessment of gas-hydrates resources in the European continental margin represents an information gap of pan-European interest. This will improve the understanding of the potential role that gas-hydrates may play in the future EU energy mix, as it will constitute a base-line for future projects pertaining the improvement of the European model of the GHSZ, related hazards and potential for geological storage of CO2. A catalogue evaluating the multiple-use of hydrocarbon reservoirs, as integrated or alternative use of the subsurface, together with an appraisal on risks and safety, will be produced. This study will provide and disseminate all the analytical data generated to a common EGDI database.

GIS viewer for GARAH results

Through this viewer the results of the GARAH project will be made accessible when they will be available through the project. The current view is not showing results of the project but is only here to give an idea about and where the results will appear and on which technology (the EGDI).

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Project website

Further details about the project will be available later.

Budget and Participants

The total budget for the project is 1,076,707 € of which the participants contribute 843,422 € and the EC contributes 233,283 €.

Work Packages
WP1Main Project Coordination
WP2North Sea Petroleum Systems
WP3Addressing knowledge gaps in the hydrate assessment in the European continental margin
WP4Knowledge data base
The Participants and their contributions in terms of Man Months are:
#Participant Legal NameInstitutionCountryPM
1Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland [Project Coordinator]GEUSDenmark36.-7
2Instituto Geológico y Minero de EspañaIGMESpain20.0
3Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk OnderzoekTNONetherlands10.5
4Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et MinièresBRGMFrance4.0
5Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und RohstoffeBGRGermany12.0
6Natural Environment Research Council (British Geological Survey)NERC (BGS)United Kingdom30.0
7State Research and Development Enterprise State Information Geological Fund of UkraineGIUUkraine3.5
8Norwegian Petroleum DirectorateNPD (external partner)Norway2.0