Cross-border, cross-thematic multiscale framework for combining geological models and data for resource appraisal and policy support (GeoConnect³d)

The GeoConnect³d project develops and tests a new methodological approach to prepare and disclose geological information for policy support and subsurface management. The improved approach uses two regional case studies – the Roer-to-Rhine region and the Pannonian Basin. These regional, cross-border case studies are chosen to be complementary and sufficiently different in geological setting and degree of implementation of subsurface exploitation and management, in order to maximize their pan-European relevance. A novel bottom-up approach introduces two concepts that increase the geological understanding of an area and are aimed at providing a coherent geological context for evaluating subsurface applications and resolving subsurface management issues.

The first new concept is the structural framework as a means of joining existing models of different scale and resolution to clarify the importance of planar structures in a way that makes the geology understandable to stakeholders involved in subsurface management.

The second concept is that of geomanifestations. These specific expressions of geological processes are important sources of information for improving geological understanding. The structural framework models annotated with geomanifestations allow the integration and evaluation of complex cross-thematic research.

The two bottom-up regional case studies form the study material for a top-down, more generic evaluation of potentially interacting subsurface activities that allows revisiting and refining state-of-the-art methods. Valorisation of regional results at pan-European level is ensured by testing the methodologies in two smaller pilot areas in Germany and Ireland.

GIS viewer for GeoConnect3d results

Through this viewer the results of the GeoConnect3d project will be made accessible when they will be available through the project. The current view is not showing results of the project but is only here to give an idea about and where the results will appear and on which technology (the EGDI).

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Work packages
WP1Project Management Plan
WP2Interface package & Methodology
WP4Pannonian Basin
WP5Sharing the case studies

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Budget and participants

The total budget for the project is 1,827,753.07 € of which the participants contribute 1,284,910.41 € and the EC contributes 542,842.66 €.

The participants and their contributions in terms of Person Months are:

#Participant Legal NameInstitutionCountryPerson Months
Funded partners
1Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences – Geological Survey of Belgium (Project Coordinator)RBINS-GSBBelgium47.92
2Vlaams Planbureau voor OmgevingVPOBelgium8.5
3Vlaams Instituut voor Technologisch Onderzoek. VITO will act as a third party of VPOVITOBelgium25.8
4Federalni zavod za geologiju – Geological Survey of Federation of Bosnia and HerzegovinaFZZGBosnia and Herzegovina23.1
5Hrvatski Geološki Institut – Croatian Geological SurveyHGI-CGSCroatia23.55
6Ceska Geologicka Sluzba – Czech Geological SurveyCGSCzech Republic3.0
7Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et MinièresBRGMFrance12.0
8Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und RohstoffeBGRGermany1.5
9Bayerisches Landesamt für UmweltLfUGermany12.0
10Magyar Bányászati és Földtani Szolgálat – Mining and Geological Survey of HungaryMBFSZHungary63.0
11Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment – Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI)GSIIreland12.0
12Service Géologique du LuxembourgSGLLuxemburg3.0
13Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk OnderzoekTNONetherlands13.0
14Państwowy Instytut Geologiczny – Państwowy Instytut BadawczyPIG-PIBPoland12.0
15Institutul Geologic al RomânieiIGRRomania24.0
16Geological Survey of SerbiaGSSSerbia21.0
17State Geological Institute of Dionyz SturSGIDSSlovakia6.0
18Geološki zavod SlovenijeGeoZSSlovenia18.9
19State Research and Development Enterprise “State Information Geological Fund of Ukraine”GeoInformUkraine2.6
Non-funded partner
20Geologischer Dienst Nordrhein-WestfalenGD NRWGermany2.0