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Battonya High

Earthquakes in Battonya Region

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mineral CO2 water Donje Barice (Živinice Municipality) 

Thermomineral water of Gornji Šeher (Banja Luka Municipality) 

Jasenički kiseljak (Vitinački kiseljak)  – mineral CO2 water (Zvornik Municipality) 

Mineral CO2 water in Kozluk (Zvornik Municipality) 

Thermomineral water of Ljenobud (Srebrenik Municipality) 

Mineral water of Mlječanica (Kozarska Dubica Municipality) 

Kiseljak Oraš Planje  – mineral CO2 water (Tešanj Municipality) 

Thermomineral salt water of Tetima (Tuzla Municipality) 

Thermomineral salt water of Tuzla (Tuzla Municipality) 


Baryte Mineral Occurrences 

Fluorspar Mineral Occurrences 

Lithium Mineral Occurrences 

Pb-Zn Mineral Occurrences 

Tungsten Mineral Occurrences 

Karst caves 

Karst influent 

Karst springs 

Warm springs 


Mura-Zala Basin (Slovenia, Croatia)

High arsenic (As) content in coals from Neogene deposits of the Pannonian Basin in Slovenia and As in groundwaters 

Coal in the Pontian Mura Formation of the Mura-Zala Basin (NE Slovenia and NW Croatia) 

Oil and Gas geomanifestations in the Mura-Zala Basin, the western Pannonian Basin System 

Natural CO2 emissions – mofettes in Slovenia 

Natural mineral waters in Rogaška Slatina 

Utilization of thermal water from carbonate geothermal aquifers at the outskirts of the Pannonian basin 

Geothermal anomaly at Benedikt, Slovenia, due to strong convective component 

Geothermal boreholes with predominately conductive component 

Microseismicity in the western part of the Pannonian basin and its outskirts 

Roer-to-Rhine (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France)

Mineral Occurrences in the Roer-to-Rhine area 

Collapse structures on seismic in Flanders 

Seismic amplitude anomalies in Flanders 

Seismic high amplitude anomaly in Namurian sandstones on 2D seismic data in Lichtaart 

AVO anomalies in Mol-Dessel 

Seismic high amplitude anomaly in the Genk Member on 2D seismic data in Neeroeteren 

Seismic polarity reversal anomaly in the lower Paleocene on 2D seismic data in Tongerlo 

Thermal springs in Aachen 

Thermal CO2-rich water in Bad Bellingen 

Thermal springs in Bad Bertrich 

Thermal CO2-rich water in Bad Breisig 

Thermal CO2-rich springs in Bad Ems 

Thermal springs in Baden-Baden 

Thermal water in Bad Kreuznach 

Thermal CO2-rich water in Bad Krozingen 

Thermal (CO2-rich) water in Bad Liebenzell 

Thermal springs in Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg 

Thermal CO2-water in Bad Neuenahr 

CO2-rich groundwater in Bad Peterstal-Griesbach 

Thermal, CO2-rich groundwater in Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach 

Thermal, CO2-rich water in Bad Salzig 

CO2-seepage in Bad Schwalbach 

CO2-rich groundwater in Bad Teinach 

The thermal water of Bad Wildbad 

Thermal water in Bad Wildstein 

Thermal anomalies in the Campine basin 

CO2-rich water around Daun 

Dreisborn CO2-spring 

CO2-rich springs in Dreis-Brück 

CO2-seeps around Duppach 

CO2-rich water in Gerolstein 

He-anomalies in the Roer-to-Rhine area 

CO2-seeps around the Laacher See 

Thermal and CO2-rich water in the area of Trier – Luxemburg 

Thermal water in Schlangenbad 

Thermal anomalies in southern Limburg (the Netherlands + Belgium) 

Volcanism in the Eifel 

Thermal water in the northern Outre-Forêt 

The Wallenborn CO2-seeps 

Thermal water in Wiesbaden