Project Management Plan


  • VPO
  • VITO
  • SGL
  • TNO

Main activities

To develop an effective and comprehensive administrative, financial and legal management that will ensure the successful execution of the project.

Activities are focused on following objectives:

  1. To ensure the achievement of all project objectives in terms of time, quality and costs;
  2. To perform smooth and effective management and coordination of the consortium guaranteeing joint understanding among the project partners, and ensuring the right functioning of the governing bodies;
  3. To interact with the GeoERA Executive Board, in particular the GeoERA WP 4: “Follow-up and monitoring of projects resulting from the cofounded call”;
  4. To carry out periodic and fluid communications and high-quality technical and financial reporting of the project’s progress to GeoERA;
  5. Stimulate and coordinate external communication to stakeholders and the scientific community.


  • Renata Barros (RBINS-GSB) (
  • Kris Piessens (RBINS-GSB) (