Fact sheets of shallow geothermal energy concepts

In MUSE proven and prospective technical solutions for heating and cooling supply including heat storage based of shallow geothermal energy were identified and characterized. Eight individual fact sheets present the outcomes for the different shallow geothermal energy technologies as summarized in Table 1.

The fact sheets are part of deliverable D.2.2: Catalogue of factsheets of evaluated and characterized shallow geothermal energy concepts of use in urban areas, which has been accomplished in Work Package 2 (WP2) entitled Technical aspects of shallow geothermal energy use in urban areas.

Table 1: Summary of the fact sheets presented

General conceptShallow geothermal energy presented in a Fact sheetAcronymFS
Overview of SGE conceptsA general overview of SGE concepts in urban environments-FS-00
Ground and water source heat Exchanger (GSHE/WSHE) systemsVertical Borehole Heat Exchanger (Close Loop System)BHE (CLs)FS-01
Thermo-Active FoundationTAFsFS-02
GroundWater Heat Exchanger (Open Loop System)GWHE (OLs)FS-03
Closed-loop and Open-loop Surface Water Heat ExchangerSWHEFS-04
UTESVertical Borehole Thermal Energy StorageBTESFS-05
Aquifer Thermal Energy StorageATESFS-06
(Rock) Cavern Thermal Energy StorageCTESFS-07
District heating systemsCombined SGE concepts use in District Heating and Cooling systemsSGE in DHCFS-08

Fact Sheet 00 shows a general overview of the different technological concepts related to shallow geothermal energy that can be implemented in urban areas, as well as a description of the main concepts.

Fact Sheet 00. Overview of shallow geothermal energy systems in urban environments Fact Sheet (PDF)

Fact sheets 1 to 8 are structured as a two-page document with a short introductory text describing the main characteristics of the category, followed by four sections:

  1. Proven concepts: Emphasizes most outstanding characteristics and compares between different shallow geothermal energy categories. Highlights relevant cases and provides historical context.

  2. Future concepts: Presents selected innovative trends or technologies along with new projects representing a breakthrough in the field. Also provides current technical challenges and prospective solutions.

  3. Good existing practices: Exposes consolidated practices concerning execution and operation of the installations, as well as the key points in the design and planning phases of a shallow geothermal energy project.

  4. Lessons learned: Summarizes important challenges that have been already overcome and important issues that are commonly underestimated. Moreover, good advice’s are also given in order to achieve successful management of shallow geothermal energy.

After these four sections, a set of case studies (mainly from the pilot areas) are presented in each fact sheet from 1 to 8. All documents can be freely download in PDF format using the links below.

Fact Sheet 01. Close-Loop vertical Borehole Heat Exchanger systems

Fact Sheet (PDF)

Fact Sheet 02. Thermo-Active Foundation systems

Fact Sheet (PDF)

Fact Sheet 03. Open-Loop Groundwater Heat Exchanger systems

Fact Sheet (PDF)

Fact Sheet 04. Surface Water Heat Exchanger systems

Fact Sheet (PDF)

Fact Sheet 05. Borehole Thermal Energy Storage

Fact Sheet (PDF)

Fact Sheet 06. Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage

Fact Sheet (PDF)

Fact Sheet 07. (Rock) Cavern Thermal Energy Storage

Fact Sheet (PDF)

Fact Sheet 08. SGE in District Heating and Cooling networks

Fact Sheet (PDF)