Did you know about the results of the polls raised during the GeoERA Raw Materials Webinar to which 130 individuals attended?

If any of these results surprises you, or if you have any comments, then please let us know by contacting Antje Wittenberg from BGR.

“What are GeoERA Raw Materials’ most relevant products or achievements?”

“Where do you see a need for improvement and why?”

“What would you like the Geological Survey Organizations to do that add to secure responsible sourcing from domestic sources in medium and long term”

  • To be platforms for debates between different actors, this could be on very local concrete issues on mining, it means a real involvement in the societal debate.
  • Greater investment in mineral greenfields exploration.
  • Transparent and stable mining legislation.
  • More investment in exploration within Europe.
  • National update of mapping and data.
  • More involvement in education.
  • Permanent funded body focus on investment in harmonisation and gathering new data.
  • Undiscovered resources and exploration targets.
  • Developing innovative technologies for mineral processing.
  • Mapping or resources and making these available in a harmonized way.
  • More planning and activities on the focal theme on raw material production in the medium and long term.
  • Freely available information on geology, but without any bias toward the industry. We are geologists, not lobbyists…
  • Provide open and harmonized data.
  • Turn to big data.
  • Involvement more of the communities in the surrounds: empower communities to empower themselves.
  • Field surveys and re-evaluation of existing data.
  • Include resources from geothermal brines in the mapping.
  • Policy.
  • Do more public education and inform the civil society better.
  • Seek public-private partnerships on exploration.
  • Influence policy based on available reserves and expected rates of extraction.
  • Education and interactions with society at all levels.
  • Cooperation with Land use planning authorities.
  • Investor-focused mineral intelligence.

“Which keywords characterize GeoERA Raw Materials’ products best?”

See the WordCloud responses below.