Did you know about the 3rd conference on European Rare Earth Resources?

The conference will be a virtual event to explore the REE importance for Europe, including development of a sustainable exploitation scheme for Europe’s rare earth ore deposits.

MINDeSEA is compiling and studying the REE submarine occurrences in Europe. Underwater minerals like cobalt-rich ferromanganese crust deposits contain high quantities of REE. MINDeSEA will be attending, presenting a talk on our principal findings using cutting-edge technologies to provide of efficient results, for planning seabed mining and environmental protection.

For further information follow our MINDeSEA presentation:

Tuesday ● 6th of October 2:00PM

Potentially economic REE in Fe-Mn crust deposits from the Canary Island seamount province: High resolution analysis to identify the metal bearing minerals by E. Marino, Geological Survey of Spain.