Did you know about the Penrhyn Quarry in Wales, UK?

In the 19th century, the slate quarries of north Wales were the largest exporters of slate in the world. The cultural and industrial impact of the area has seen its nomination for UNESCO World Heritage status.

Formed from 500 million year old, deep water mudstones which underwent uplift and folding 400 million years ago, these mudstones have metamorphosed into the foliated and easily split, high quality slate found in Penrhyn and across North Wales.

Penrhyn Quarry has been in continuous production since 1782 and has a selection of preserved machinery and railway tracks.

Today Penrhyn Quarry also offers adventure outings, with visitors able to take the fastest zipline in the world on a journey of 1.6km suspended above the quarry, or go gravity powered karting.

Learn more about Penrhyn Quarry’s adventure offerings at Zip World and the Slate Industry of North Wales UNESCO nomination.

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