Did you know that ~25-30% of Europe’s gas consumption is supplied by underground storage’s?

In Europe there are ~180 sites where natural gas is being stored in depleted gas fields, solution-mined salt caverns and deep aquifers. In total ca. 1540 TWh of gas is stored underground to balance supply and demand (e.g. during cold winters). This is ca. 25-30% of the total primary gas consumption level in Europe over the past decade (~5000 – 6000 TWh/yr). Gas storage’s are expected play a key role in providing energy security while the energy transition evolves.

With 3D mapping and novel subsurface analysis tools, GeoERA and Geological Surveys of Europe deliver the fundaments to analyze potential storage locations for renewable gases (e.g. hydrogen) and heat in the future “Green Deal Europe”. www.estmap.eu provides an overview of key areas and characteristics.