Did you know that 4th December is also known as Saint Barbara’s Day?

Photo: GFreihalter / Wikimedia Commons (https://www.wikiwand.com/de/Barbara_von_Nikomedien)

This day is celebrated worldwide by geologists and miners in particular. There are different legends and traditions from country to country, but Saint Barbara is often referred to as the patron of miners, tunnelers and other groups working with explosives.

Why do the miners venerate St. Barbara as their patron saint? Well, it is said that Barbara, who fled into mountains, lost strength on a steep mountain slope and asked for help. For her protection, she found a deep ravine in the rock where she could hide. However, she was betrayed and eventually killed.

On her grave, cherry trees are blooming even in winter. Hence, when you cut cherry trees on the 4th of December, they will bloom on Christmas day.

Photo of Sct. Barbara at the altar by the road taken by ‘Daniel de Oliveira, LNEG’