Did you know that MINDeSEA findings are highlighted in the EU Blue Economy Report 2021?

We are pleased to share with you The EU Blue Economy Report 2021 supported by the European Commission, and with GeoERA MINDeSEA contribution. This is the third edition where our work is acknowledged by the EC. Follow a resume of our project findings in Section 5.4 Marine Minerals. These results include the potential of minerals and metals on the seabed of European marine regions. Future directions of seabed mining are introduced in the Report.

The Blue Economy includes all marine-based or marine-related activities, including the beneficiation of seabed mineral resources from pan-European seas. Past developments, trends and future opportunities are analyzed under the perspective of the Blue Economy. MINDeSEA is providing scientific-technical knowledge, supportive for policymakers and stakeholders to the development of sustainable policies for seabed mineral resources management. In this sense, as part of the European long-term strategy, marine minerals should contribute to ensuring the supply of critical raw materials; but also employing appropriate technology and environmentally-friendly practices to limit any negative impacts.

Free access to the report click here.