Did you know that MINDeSEA results of seabed mineral deposits in the Canary Islands are available for free download at the IGME website?

The Canary Island Seamount Province represents a promising area for the investigation of seabed mineral deposits and their interactions with the marine ecosystems. This area of the Macaronesia has been focus of attention with significant discoveries of cobalt, tellurium and rare earth resources on extinct submarine volcanoes like Tropic Seamount. The Canary Government and IGME have recently launched a digital data repository to access shapefiles on polymetallic nodules, hydrothermal mineralization, phosphorites and ferromanganese crusts deposits from the Canary seafloor. The dataset include geospatial information, mineralogical geochemical and metallogenetic data for each mineral occurrence. These data will contribute to design appropriated maritime spatial planning and to explore the potential of minerals on the Canary seafloor as a future, environmentally sustainable resource for critical elements, are essential to the functioning of modern society.

Access the Catalogo de metadatos del IGME to download data.


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