European Workshop on Underground Energy Storage

07 - 08Nov2019

At Maison des Mines et des Ponts et Chaussées

270 rue St Jacques, 75005 Paris

ENeRG, the European Network for Research in Geo-Energy, in collaboration with EuroGeoSurveys’ GeoEnergy Expert Group, The ANR Fluidstory project coordinated by BRGM and BRGM, the French Geological Survey.

Energy storage will play a pivotal role in future energy systems compatible with a carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly society. It will enable to optimize the integration of renewable and recoverable energies into the electricity and heat mix and to contribute to the flexibility of energy systems, alongside improved grid interconnectivity, smart grids and demandresponse functionalities. It will also facilitate sector coupling by the use of renewable power for producing green fuel in the mobility sector and green raw material for the chemical industry like hydrogen. Energy storage in the subsurface has the potential to become an important component of transition to low carbon energy. Storing energy in the underground can lead to larger-scale, longerterm and safer solutions than above ground energy storage technologies, thus complementing the range of storage technologies to be able to meet very diverse needs.

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This workshop is a back-to-back event with the National Energy Storage Days organised each year by the Energy Storage Club of ATEE, the French Technical Association on Energy and Environment.