Search System’s first demo

You will soon be able to access to the geoscientific information from all over Europe with GIP-P Search System!

Among the tasks that IGME (Geological Survey of Spain) has been entrusted is the creation of a web application that allows you to find geoscientific information available in the European area and, especially, the products generated by other projects of the GeoERA. This application, known as Search System, includes a complex search that will allow users.

Find relevant resources based on the metadata from Micka (the EGDI and GeoERA metadata catalogue).

Access the resources through the available links (distributions). For example, the URL of a WMS service associated to the resource or the URL of a viewer where to visualize the resource, etc.

Access to thematic applications is included. These applications are specialized web application to facilitate concrete thematic capabilities to query, display and analyse a resource. They are, therefore, outstanding distributions. The GeoERA Document Repository, an application with specific functionality for document searching, is an example of thematic application.

View basic metadata of those resources and access to the full metadata record in Micka.

Select subsets of elements in a resource (e.g. documents in the document repository, mines or mineral occurrences in Minerals4EU, points in a water database, etc.) and view their main attributes and location on a map. Searches can be made inside all available resources, as long as a connector (feature distribution) is developed to allow the system to launch the search.

To do this, the new Search System allows you to perform full text searches, spatial selections, filtering by topic category, type of resource, etc. A draft version of the system which, including at this point access to only a few resources and demo feature distributions, is temporarily accessible at and has been already published and presented to some members of the GIP-P.

It is foreseen in the medium term to develop new functionalities and incorporate more resources and feature distribuitions in the search.

More info: Ángel Prieto, GIP-P Search System Developer at GIP-P. (