The TACTIC toolbox and tool webinars


One of the goals of TACTIC is to develop a common research infrastructure to advance future assessments of climatic change in EU. This includes the development of a TACTIC Toolbox consisting of tools (models, methods and approaches) that can be utilized in climate change impact assessments and evaluation of effects of adaptation scenarios.

First edition of the TACTIC toolbox containing a range of tool currently used by the European Geological Survey Organisations is now ready. Twelve TACTIC partners contributed with more than 30 tools spanning a range of tool types like time series analysis, index models and physically based integrated models; covering diverse functionalities such as impact assessments, adaptation, climate projection and bias correction. To facilitate the use of the various tools/approaches contributing partners are giving introductory webinars on selected tools.


Want to know more?

The TACTIC toolbox, best practice protocols on the tools (usages, requirements, contacts and links), as well as recorded webinars and presentation slides are available to GeoEra partners upon request.


Contact: ika[at]

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