Did you know about Lampivaara Ametistikaivos, Finland?

Amethyst from the amethyst mine on top of Lampivaara hill, located in the immediate vicinity of the Luosto recreation centre, in the middle of Lapland’s beautiful landscape. Image borrowed from https://luosto.fi/en/

Surrounded by Pyhä-Luosto national park, Lampivaara Ametistikaivos is an amethyst mine where mining for the semi-precious amethysts is carried out by hand. The area is part of the Fennoscandian (or Baltic) Shield and geologically old, spanning the Archean to the Proterozoic. Successive glaciations and retreats have scoured the surface of the area, leaving 2000 million year old amethysts easily mined by hand. The mine can be visited by foot, snowmobile or use snowshoes, dependent on the season, with forest trails throughout the park. Visitors can sustainably mine an amethyst for themselves and keep it if they can close their hand around it.

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Mintell4EU is preparing a European map showing Historical mine sites with touristic interests and information. The map will be accessible at EGDI, European Geological Data Infrastructure by the end of 2020.