Did you know about the FRAME contribution to the GREENPEG newsletter?

MREG (the Mineral Resources Expert Group of EuroGeoSurvey) and FRAME contributed to the latest GREENPEG Newsletter. This EU project is researching to improve exploration in Europe for pegmatites, sources of critical materials. Some of the newest findings from the FRAME project that deal with the most recent research undertaken in energy critical minerals and also Nb and Ta minerals (found essentially in pegmatite-type rocks) are mirrored in the newsletter. The newsletter has reproduced the comprehensive maps of the energy critical elements, already shown at the PDAC2019 and PDAC2020, and the maps of Nb-Ta occurrences in Europe.

Contributing to this newsletter were Daniel de Oliveira, Helge Reginiussen, Henrik Schiellerup, Henrike Sievers, Sebastian Pfleiderer, Slavko Solar and Håvard Gautneb.