Webinar training on metadata for the GeoERA projects

All you wanted to know about metadata for the GeoERA Projects are explained by the WP8 team, that have prepared a set of webinars to show how to use the EGDI Metadata Catalogue and give some advice on how to create metadata for GeoERA projects

During March and April 2021, the CGS metadata team (Dana Čápová, Pavla Kramolišová and Olga Moravcová), supported by colleagues from GSI (James Trench and Trevor Alcorn) have prepared  a playlist of training videos: https://studio.youtube.com/channel/UCcK67sbpNrGb2JT9Wid5mPg/playlists

Based on selected videos, two webinars were held on May 17 and June 2, 2021. The webinars were attended by a total of 18 participants from 9 GeoERA projects (GIP-P, RESOURCE, TACTIC, 3DGEO-EU, HOVER, HIKE, FRAME, MINDeSEA, GeoConnect3D). Participants were instructed on:

  • how to use the EGDI Metadata Catalogue (https://egdi.geology.cz/),
  • how to create metadata for structured and unstructured data from GeoERA projects,
  • and how to use metadata  when uploading data to the EGDI platform.

The CGS metadata support team that hosted these webinars also explained where to find available videos, tutorials and other useful materials. Participants’ questions were answered immediately or later by e-mail.

Based on the experience and questions asked in the webinars and sent by email to metadata support team (egdi.metadata@geology.cz), a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section will be compiled and published on the GeoERA support web and in the EGDI Metadata Catalogue documentation.

If necessary, it is possible to prepare another special webinars on the selected topic. Training videos are available on the GeoERA support web (https://geoera-gip.github.io/support/) and directly in the EGDI Metadata Catalogue documentation (https://egdi.geology.cz/catalog/micka/docs). All useful information is described in detail in the EGDI Platform documentation http://egdi-public.gitlabpages.geus.dk/egdi-documentation/#/. The WP8 team is ready to help you (support@geoera.eu).