Did you know that MINTELL4EU is testing the applicability of UNFC for harmonized mineral inventories?

There is a need for a harmonised tool for sustainable resource management in Europe. The United Nations Framework Classification for Resources (UNFC) is a system that may be used for this purpose. In MINTELL4EU we aim to demonstrate if geological surveys will be able to apply UNFC, and to show if the application of UNFC will provide better harmonization of mineral resource data nationally and across Europe.

Late October 2020, MINTELL4EU had a digital workshop where eight case studies on UNFC were presented and discussed.

The findings from the workshop indicated some possibilities and challenges:

  • The presented case studies showed that geological surveys can do UNFC on Raw Materials
  • We are still at a starting point at establishing a more harmonised system and stricter guidelines are required. The partners in MINTELL4EU have different levels of experience in UNFC and the approach and methods on UNFC varies between the countries.
  • There is a need to compare the case studies and the surveys approach to identify obstacles, data gaps and harmonization issues.
  • Data availability is an issue as non-accessible data can result in less precision, and this must be taken into account when aggregating data. In addition, not all geological surveys have the responsibility or data availability to be able to classify the E- and F-axis in UNFC.
  • There is a need to work on the visualisation of UNFC.
Results from at regional UNFC study on gravel made by Sebastian Pfleiderer, Geological Survey of Austria. The figure shows the distribution of the UNFC codes E, F and G codes within the extent of gravel deposits.