Did you know that the pan-European seas could be a source for critical metals supply?

That the GeoERA project MINDeSEA have collected information on seabed mineral deposits in the pan-European sea more and established a database with more than 600 mineral occurrences and 1,045 individual analyzed samples? This supports Europe’s long-term economic strategy to ensure security of supply for strategic and critical metals.

MINDeSEA compilation map by March 2020 of seabed mineral occurrences in the pan-European seas. A) ROV image on the sulphide chimneys from the Moytirra hydrothermal field, 3000 m water depth, expedition EXPLOSEA 2; B) Ferromanganese crusts and phosphorites recovered in the Canary Island seamounts, 1000-2500 m water depth, expedition DRAGO 0511; C) Cross-section of polymetallic nodule cluster from the Baltic Sea, 60–200 m water depth; D) Gold nugget collected in sand beach placers enriched in heavy and resistant minerals from the Aegean Sea

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 Are the pan-European seas a promising source for critical metals supply?