Did you know that the Underwater Minerals Conference is the world’s largest gathering of ocean mineral stakeholders, presented by the International Marine Minerals Society (IMMS)

UMC 2020 offers four days of timely, exciting and diverse information on underwater mineral exploration, environmental research and mining. The conference brings together leaders in government, academia and industry from over 25 countries to exchange information about underwater mining. MINDeSEA will be attending presenting two talks on the last maps, datasets and case studies for critical and strategic elements like cobalt, niobium, manganese or rare earths based on seabed mineral deposits in the pan-European seas.

For further information follow our MINDeSEA presentations:

Wednesday ● 30th of September

2:05PM- An integrative metallogenetic study of seabed mineral deposits in the pan-European seas: GeoERA-MINDeSEA (by F.J. Gonzalez, Geological Survey of Spain)

4:15PM- Cobalt-rich Ferromanganese Crusts from the Canary Islands Seamounts: Mineralogy and Geochemistry (by E. Marino, Geological Survey of Spain)

Read more at the Underwater Minerals Conference 2020 webpage.