MUSE – Web-based information systems for shallow geothermal energy

Mitja Janza, 28 September 2020

Geoscientific information is of fundamental importance for efficient and sustainable use of shallow geothermal energy. Lack of such information hinders implementation of shallow geothermal systems and increase uncertainty for investments in such systems.

Web-based information systems have been recognised as useful tools for transferring key geoscientific information to decision makers and potential users. They combine data from different sources and present them in an innovative visual format, such as spatial analysis, 2D/3D maps. Beside thematic maps these systems can also provide a location query tool delivering information in a report format. This makes the data more understandable and available, even for the non-expert user. In addition to geoscientific information and assessed geothermal potential these systems often provide information on risks of land use conflicts related to the implementation of shallow geothermal systems. Some  web-based platforms (e.g. even include a knowledge repository, glossary and other communication tools like yellow pages, thus providing a platform for dissemination of information relevant for shallow geothermal use (e.g. standards, good practice, contacts of experts) to the broader range of stakeholders.

Web-based information system of the GeoPLASMA-CE project ( )

In MUSE we are currently preparing content for the web-based information system EGDI of EuroGeoSurveys, the organisation of European geological surveys. On this platform our resource and limitation of use maps will show you how well suited for the use of shallow geothermal energy the underground of our 14 pilot areas is.

Examples of web based information systems for geothermal energy in different European countries are available on links below. Please be aware, that we do not exert influence on the content of any of the linked webpages.

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For more information about web-based information systems of geothermal energy, please contact: Mitja Janza, Mitja.Janza@GEO-ZS.SI

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