Geoscience, Policy and Society – Transatlantic perspectives of Geological Surveys

07 - 11Jun2021

From 16:00 CEST

At Online

The reorganization of our society with focus on renewable energy, sustainable use of resources, and low-climate impact, remains high on European and international agendas. One aspect that receives insufficient attention is the crucial role of the subsurface and its resources in this transition. A better understanding of subsurface processes, linked potential, and the consequences of any actions, whether intended or not, can ensure the safe and sustainable development of these resources, as well as reveal new opportunities. This understanding is therefore the crucial baseline for sound policies, including subsurface resource management and spatial planning.

Geoscience, Policy, and Society (GPS) 2021 is a free online event that aims to discuss this pressing subject. The event is being organized by Geological Survey Organizations in Europe – BRGM, GBA, GSB and EGS, and the U.S. Geological Survey, that have been engaged in providing the needed science for improved sustainable subsurface management and policy.

The GPS 2021 event addresses policy makers, regulators, interest groups, geoscientists and representatives from industry and the research community dealing with the multiple uses and management of underground resources. We also welcome anyone with a broad interest in geoscience or any of the specific topics presented to join the discussions.

The main event will be held from 7 to 11 June 2021. Each day will address a different aspect of geoscience-related subsurface use, management, planning, and policy, comparing and learning from innovative science and experiences of both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Side sessions are planned between 7 and 14 June 2021 to complement these discussions by addressing more specific topics. These include dedicated sessions being organized by the GeoERA projects GeoConnect³d and MUSE.


For information about each session and access to the free registration, go to the event page.