Project kick-off meetings

03 - 05Jul2018

Project Kick-off meetings

At BluePoint

80 Bd. A. Reyers Ln, 1030 Brussels



Tuesday 3rd of July.

10:00    Registration & Coffee

10:30    Welcome (Yvonne Schavemaker, GeoERA Project Coordinator)

10:35    GeoERA and EuroGeoSurveys’ Strategy (EGS President / EGS Secretary General)

10:45    Introduction GeoERA (Yvonne Schavemaker, GeoERA Project Coordinator)

10:55    Relevance of GeoERA for EC Policy (Wolfgang Schneider, Policy Officer, DG RTD)

11:10    Expectations of GeoERA for Raw Materials Policy (Milan Grohol,  Policy Officer, DG GROW)

11:25    Project Pitches

  • Intro IP (Jørgen Tulstrup, GEUS)
    • GIP-P (Jørgen Tulstrup, GEUS)
  • Intro Geo-Energy (Serge van Gessel, TNO)
    • 3DGeo-EU (Stefan Knopf, BGR)
    • GARAH (Peter Britze, GEUS)
    • GeoConnect3D (Kris Piessens, GSB)
    • HIKE (Serge van Gessel, TNO)
    • Hotlime (Gerold Diepolder, LfU)
    • MUSE (Gregor Goetzl, GBA)

12:30    Lunch including Poster Session

14:00    Project Pitches

  • Intro Raw Materials (Antje Wittenberg, BGR)
    • Mintell4EU (Jørgen Tulstrup/Lisbeth Flint, GEUS)
    • FRAME (Daniel Oliveira, LNEG)
    • EuroLithos (Tom Heldal, NGU)
    • MINDeSEA (Javier Gonzales, IGME-SP)
  • Intro Groundwater (Klaus Hinsby, GEUS)
    • HOVER (Laurence Gourcy, BRGM)
    • RESOURces (Hans-Peter Broers, TNO)
    • TACTIC (Anker Højberg, GEUS)
    • VoGERA (Sian Loveless, BGS)

15:00    Cooperation external projects/organisations with GeoERA

15:15    Coffee break

15:45    Discussion on Expectations and Recommendations from the GeoERA Stakeholder Council

17:00    GeoERA’s Impact Assessment

17:30    Outlook and Closure


Wednesday 4th of July.

09:00-17:00 Kick-off meetings of the individual projects


Thursday 5th of July.

09:00 - 13:00 Synergy meetings between the GIP-project and the three themes