Geophysical survey in Anderlecht

Estelle Petitclerc, 5 July 2019

New geophysical method tested to identify ressources of shallow geothermal energy in urban areas

TNO and GSB-GBINS launched an extensive and innovative geophysical survey of 4 days (3-6 June 2019) at the Anderlecht drilling site (Brussels, Belgium). The objective was to compare traditional geophysics and innovative technics using fiber optics to get a more precise imagery of the underground to better determine the shallow geothermal potential on site. 

A horizontal fiber optic loop was connected to the fiber optic installed vertically in the Anderlecht exploration well to allow 3D modelisation. For comparison the survey acquired different seismic data with a light weight P&S vibrator as source. The results will allow to determine how optic fibers could be used in the future to better identify the underground structure and potential for shallow geothermal energy in urban areas.

For more information about the survey, please contact:
Vincent Vandeweijer,

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