Map of poisonous arsenic in European aquifers.

europe map
Arsenic and Fluoride in European aquifers

The latest Newsletter of the HOVER project in the @GeoERA program is now available on-line:  HOVER Newsletter – In the newsletter you will find a map of arsenic concentrations in European aquifers. Arsenic is a trace element in groundwater and drinking water of health concern and responsible for the largest mass poisoning in history according to Mori et al. 2018. See the map and read more about other exciting and relevant results of the HOVER project in the newsletter.

The map is an example of what will later this year be accessible at the HOVER project website on the GeoERA webpage and via metadata searches and map viewers on the EGDI (European Geological Data Infrastructure) subsurface information platform of the @EuroGeoSurveys. For more information please contact the HOVER project lead: Laurence Gourcy,