Kick-off meeting: 15 projects have now started

GeoERA started with 15 projects on the 1st of July!

A 3-day Kick-off meeting for projects was organized in Brussels in the first week of July to present the awarded projects. During these days GeoERA got acquainted with all the international project partners and interested society. Expectations were discussed and recommendations from the European Commission and GeoERA’s Stakeholder Council received. Also, tasks, milestones, synergies and impact of GeoERA projects were discussed.

Projects will focus on harmonizing data, information and expertise across borders, improving current methodologies and modelling techniques. GeoERA will create valuable, accessible and public results for policy-makers and end-users of geological data and information in Europe. All results will be made public through the GeoERA Information Platform a web-based information system building up on the existing European Geological Data Infrastructure (EGDI).

Learn more about the project descriptions and details at the project page.