Projects are now awarded

On the 13th of April the GeoERA General Assembly decided which of the project proposals submitted to the GeoERA call for proposals in January that will be awarded and therefore co-funded by GeoERA.

A total of 17 proposals were submitted to the call and all proposals were then evaluated by technical experts and subsequently by the Expert Panel which consisted of another group of experts. The Expert Panel has scored all proposals and all have passed the required thresholds. Because the total budget applied for in the 17 proposals was higher than the available, a few of the proposals have had to be rejected. The principles for which projects to select in this situation is described in the Call Document No 8.

The selected projects and their total budgets are:

Geo-energy theme:
MUSE 1,313,260€
HotLime 1,658,728€
HIKE 1,620,649€
3DGEO-EU 3,651,677€
GeoConnect3d 1,827,753€
GARAH 785,466€
Groundwater theme:
HOVER 2,999,814€
TACTIC 1,799,979€
RESOURces 2,465,654€
VoGERA 433,781€
Raw Materials Theme:
MINDeSEA 783,285€
Mintell4EU 2,859,159€
EuroLithos 1,100,357€
FRAME 3,139,634€
Information Platform Theme:
GIP-P 3,860,804€