Legal framework, procedures and policies of shallow geothermal energy use in the EU and MUSE partner countries

Maciej Klonowski, 7 July 2020

One of the major goals of the MUSE project was to investigate and assess the policies and regulatory instruments dealing with the management of shallow geothermal energy in urban areas adapted on the level of EU and in the project partner countries. This objective covered the entire process chain starting with an overview of the legal framework and administrative procedures, policies, guidelines and strategies and finally on specific actions supporting efficient management of shallow geothermal energy and its practical applications.

Analysis of the current national legal framework, procedures and policies was completed with help of a questionnaire run among the MUSE project partners. This internal survey also addressed the role of national geological survey organizations in legislation and management processes of shallow geothermal energy. The results highlight existing good practices and identify gaps and deficiencies. In addition, the report prepared by the MUSE team proposes some new solutions with regard to such critical issues as resource ownership, electronic means supporting licensing systems as well as simplified regulations and administrative procedures.

The Report on the current legal framework, procedures and policies on shallow geothermal energy use in selected European cities will become available soon on the project website. Figure 1 below shows selected results of the role and engagement of geological survey organizations. Most of the geological surveys are not involved directly in law and legal regulations enforcement, controlling or legal consulting. However, many of them assess legal regulations and influence the improvement of legislation.

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Figure 1: Existing legal definition of Shallow Geothermal Energy and involvement of Geological Surveys Organisations (GSO) in diverse activities connected with the management of shallow geothermal energy.

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