MUSE results published in Energy Policy

Alejandro Garcia Gil, 4 August 2020

A novel governance model of shallow geothermal energy resources proposed by MUSE

The Geological Survey of Spain published, together with 13 European Geological Surveys, a governance model for shallow geothermal energy resources in the Energy Policy Journal. The MUSE team and an external expert of Switzerland elaborated a harmonized management framework structure and a governance model, which provide a roadmap for the different levels of management development. This sustainable governance model is adaptable to the different urban scales and independent of hydrogeological conditions.

The management process based on an adaptive management is open to collaborative-inclusive concepts to overcome the complex relationship between planning, implementation and control by proposing a cyclical and iterative management process (figure 2). The generalized structure of the shallow geothermal energy management framework adopted in MUSE allows the effective analysis of policies to identify potential problems and plan effective solutions, as well as to select the best management objectives, strategies and measures according to the policy principles proposed.

Figure 1: MUSE paper about governance of shallow geothermal energy resources in the journal Energy Policy.
Figure 2: Proposed double-adaptive management cycle of shallow geothermal energy resources, which interlinks a planning cycle together with an implementation and control cycle.

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