Pilot area activities – #3 Groundwater monitoring in Zaragoza, Spain

Alejandro Garcia Gil, 10 December 2019

New campaign to measure depth of water level and groundwater temperatures in the city

The Geological Survey of Spain established a new measurement campaign to monitor the groundwater in the city of Zaragoza. The monitoring network consists of 45 observation boreholes, where the team of IGME manually measures depth of the water table and groundwater temperatures with a well dipper. A large part of these control points are also fitted-out with submerged sensors that continuously measure and store data, which are periodically downloaded for later study and interpretation.

This work provides basic information to investigate how thermal injections of approximately 60 existing open geothermal systems affect the groundwater temperature, as well as to assess the performance and possible thermal interference that may occur with production wells of nearby geothermal systems located in the direction of the groundwater flow.

For more information, please contact:
Eduardo Garrido, e.garrido@igme.es or Alejandro García Gil, a.garcia@igme.es

Manual measurement of depth of water table and groundwater temperature with a well dipper in a borehole located near a shallow geothermal system.
Downloading data to a PC from a datalogger installed in a borehole.
Set of dataloggers ready to be installed in several boreholes to register groundwater data.

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