MUSE pilot area activities – RESULTS – #5 Girona

Subsoil characterization in the urban area for the evaluation of the shallow geothermal potential Vaiva Cypaite, Víctor Camps, Ariadna Conesa, Georgina Arnó, and Ignasi Herms (ICGC), 2 July 2021 Between 2019 and 2021 in the urban area of Girona extensiveRead more

Hungary’s first interactive geothermal information platform (“OGRe”) is publicly available in English

This post is part of the GeoConnect³d blog The Hungarian Geothermal System (OGRe) aims to provide up-to-date and reliable geological, hydrogeological and geophysical data and information about Hungary’s geothermal energy resources via a user-friendly and publicly accessible site. We hopeRead more

MUSE – Web-based information systems for shallow geothermal energy

Mitja Janza, 28 September 2020 Geoscientific information is of fundamental importance for efficient and sustainable use of shallow geothermal energy. Lack of such information hinders implementation of shallow geothermal systems and increase uncertainty for investments in such systems. Web-based informationRead more