Hungary’s first interactive geothermal information platform (“OGRe”) is publicly available in English

This post is part of the GeoConnect³d blog The Hungarian Geothermal System (OGRe) aims to provide up-to-date and reliable geological, hydrogeological and geophysical data and information about Hungary’s geothermal energy resources via a user-friendly and publicly accessible site. We hopeRead more

Land subsidence as a consequence of artificial uncontrolled leaching of salt layers and forming of lakes “Pannonica” in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

This post is part of the GeoConnect³d blog. Introduction The Pannonian Basin covers approximately 20% of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are several sub-basins within this regional basin; one of them is the Tuzla Basin, which is locatedRead more

Meet the Scientist #9 – Natalija Samardžić

Natalija Samardžić is a hydrogeologist and geothermal energy expert at the Geological Survey of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Federalni zavod za geologiju – FZZG). She works as Advisor for hydrogeology, with 16 years of experience in hydrogeological research ofRead more

Spectacular creatures in a poisonous sulphidic atmosphere – Movile cave, Romania – 5.5 million years time capsule

Only 240 m length and 12.000 square meters, but an epochal discovery made in 1986 in the south-eastern part of Romania by the Romanian researcher Cristian Lascu (geologist, speleologist and photographer). Some geodesic studies for the location of a thermalRead more

How an unsuccessful exploration well became a geothermal oasis – the case of the Podhájske baths in Slovakia

Today Podhájske is one of the most known and best developed thermal baths of Slovakia, but its story begun with an unsuccessful exploration project for hydrocarbon deposits in the first half of the ’60-ties. The exploration wells were drilled as P-1Read more

Global warming on the surface – local warming from plate tectonics: Pannonian Basin

Are we exposed to crossfire here in the middle of Europe? Heating from the atmosphere, heating from the crust and the mantle. The life of the Earth is changing and challenges us again and again. But geology gives us manyRead more

Determining the spatial relationship of slope and alluvial Pleistocene sediments by geoelectrical sounding of southwest slopes of Fruška Gora mountain

INTRODUCTION In the area of the sheet Bačka Palanka 4, in scale 1: 50.000, one of the project tasks included geophysical investigations of parts of the terrain, located southwest of Neštin, south of Ljuba and in the distal zone ofRead more

A survey of presumably hydrocarbons-containing water ponds in the Kog hills (Pannonian Basin, NE Slovenia)

In 2011, we were called to survey several shallow water ponds (wp) in the Kog (KOG) area, which geologically belongs to an antiform termed the Ormož-Selnica Antiform (OSA) (Fig.1). It is built of Neogene marls, sands to sandstones, shales, limestones,Read more

Gravity doesn’t lie, does it?

An Australian-Canadian friend and former colleague in Australia, with many years of experience in gravity and magnetic data interpretation, used to tell me: “gravity doesn’t lie”. What geophysicists and geologists measure with gravity data are actually variations in gravitational accelerationRead more

Towards a project vocabulary: geological concepts for humans and computers

GeoConnect³d aims to provide to stakeholders a coherent geological context for evaluating subsurface applications and resolving subsurface management issues. For this, two concepts were introduced: structural framework and geomanifestations. Besides the database, the geological structures and manifestations that will beRead more

Greenhouse-gas neutral Europe and the role of geology

In November 2018, the European Commission presented its communication titled ”A Clean Planet for all: A European strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy”. The document did not attract much attention by the media, notRead more

Can seismic amplitude anomalies in the Campine Basin be related to geomanifestations?

Due to the thick overburden by Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic sediments, geomanifestations are not often present at the surface, but rather restricted to the subsurface of Flanders. One way to visualize geomanifestations in the subsurface is by the use ofRead more

Tracking the history for a new prospection of subsurface assets

Located in the South-Eastern Poland, the Holy Cross Mountains are known for many places of occurrence of hydrothermal metal-bearing vein mineralization. In many ways, ores located here are similar to those known in historical mining districts of the Schwarzwald orRead more

Geothermics and Geomanifestations (2)

A geothermal terrain of outstanding geomanifestations The Afar Triangle, overlapping the borders of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Djibouti, is a segment of proto-oceanic crust in the Afro-Arabian Rift System where the spreading ridges that are forming the Red Sea and theRead more

Significant geomanifestations along the contact of South Pannonian Basin and Dinaride Ophiolite Zone in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the present structure of the Dinarides an important role have the South Pannonian Basin. The South Pannonian Basin is located in the northern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Spreča-Kozara deep fault represents the northern boundary of the DinarideRead more

Geomanifestations in North Serbia (Vojvodina)

The Panonnian basin is located in the Northern part of Serbia. That province of Serbia is called Vojvodina, with three regions: Banat, Bačka and Srem. This area is specific with a thinned Earth’s crust of only 25,5 km to 29 km, as a result of geodynamic movement. The average heat flow is between 83 and 111 mW/m2 (continental average 60 mW/m2), indicating a significant geothermal potential. From a geological point ofRead more