HIKE Documents

Apart from the European Fault Database, the Semantic Network and Knowledge SharePoint, the HIKE project has also produced a series of documents. These documents provide insight in the choices that were made along the way, the technical implementation and scientific background.

All relevant documents are listed below and can be downloaded through provided links.

#Deliverable nameWP #Institution
D2.1bFinal Fault Data Characterization Catalogue2GBA, TNO
D2.2bFinal Fault Data Collection Report2TNO
D2.2bFinal Fault Data Collection Report: Annex 1, Country Reports2TNO
D2.3Final Report on Geological Characterization of Faults2TNO
D2.4Final Report on FDB Application and Evaluation2TNO, GBA
D2.5Fault data collected by partners embedded in the European Fault Database, developed in cooperation with GeoERA Information Platform2TNO, GBA
D3.2Final case study report on improved localization of seismic events, Denmark, Netherlands, Iceland3GEUS
D3.3Final case study report on subsidence assessment techniques, Po Basin area, Italy3ISPRA
D3.4Final case study report on improved assessment of reservoir seals, Poland3PIG-PIB
D3.5Final case study report on seismicity and safety of subsurface injection, Rousse, France3BRGM
D4.1Final project synthesis, recommendations and best practices report4TNO, PIG-PIB, GEUS, GBA
D4.2bScientific specifications and requirements for the hazards and impacts data share point and definitions for the Semantics Web service.4BRGM
D4.3Final report on Knowledge Share Point implementation4TNO
D5.2bFinal user manual for the Fault Database and the knowledge share point5TNO, GBA
D5.3Final Project Data Management Implementation report5GBA, TNO