HIKE European Fault Database

The HIKE project has created a European fault database (FDB) that has collated and harmonized relevant information and knowledge on all types of geological faults. The HIKE FDB is developed in order to cover any type of fault represented at arbitrary depth levels. The HIKE FDB includes fault information from all partner Geological Survey Organizations (GSO) and additionally from other GeoERA projects GeoConnect³d, HotLime, 3DGeo-EU.

Through the viewer and link below, the content of the HIKE European Fault Database is made accessible. Click on a fault line to open the attribute table and links to vocabularies. The entire Fault Database can be downloaded in GeoPackage format here. Please note that this database contains faults that were delivered by HIKE partners. No faults are shown in areas where no data was delivered. This does not mean that no faults are present!

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A detailed description of the concept of the FDB including all possible attribute values is provided in GeoERA_HIKE_D2.1b. Background information on the fault pattern, the geological evolution, and the origin of the data is summarized by each partner organization and is accessible in GeoERA_HIKE_D2.2b. Further information on the applicability and the usage of the FDB can be found in GeoERA_HIKE_D2.3 and GeoERA_HIKE_D2.4.

Metadata and licensing information is available through the EGDI Metadata repository. Each feature in the FDB is linked in the attribute table to the metadata record of the providing partner GSO. To obtain more detailed data than is available directly through the FDB, please contact the respective partner organization (contact information is provided via the linked national/regional metadata records).

The HIKE FDB is open for updates and extension. For more information on data preparation (including templates), and the upload procedure, have a look here GeoERA_HIKE_D5.2b.

If you use the FDB in your own work, please use the following citation:
v. Gessel, S., Hintersberger, E., v. Ede, R., ten Veen, J., Doornenbal, H., Diepolder, G.W., den Dulk, M., Hamiti, S., Vukzaj, N., Çako, R., Prendi, E., Ceroni, M., Mara, A., Barros, R., Tovar, A., Britze, P., Baudin, T.,  Stück, H., Jähne-Klingberg, F., Jahnke, C., Höding, T., Malz, A., Kristjánsdóttir, S., Þorbergsson, A, Di Manna, P., D’Ambrogi, C., Congi, M., Lazauskienė, J., Andriuškevičienė, G., Baliukevičius, A., Jarosiński, M., Gogołek, T., Stępień, U., Krzemińska, E., Salwa, S., Habryn, R., Aleksandrowski, P., Szynkaruk, E., Konieczyńska, M., Ressurreição, R., Machado, S., Moniz, C., Sampaio, J., Dias, R., Carvalho, J., Fernandes, J., Ramalho, E., Filipe, A., Celarc, B., Atanackov, J., Jamšek Rupnik, P., Shevchenko, A., Melnyk, I., Lapshyna, A. (2021): The HIKE European Fault Database (EFDB) compiled in the framework of the GeoERA project HIKE (2018-2021). https://egdi.geology.cz/record/basic/5edf7bd4-9270-4188-b69d-7ddd0a010833.