Pilot area activities – #8 Hydrogeological and geothermal surveys in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Mitja Janza, 18 February 2020

Installation of new monitoring networks to assess shallow geothermal energy resources

Geological Survey of Slovenia (GeoZS) has established continuous measurements of groundwater level, temperature and electrical conductivity in 15 observation wells in the area of the city of Ljubljana. The team tested new device for multilevel temperature measurements that enables online observation to get better insight into the temperature distribution in groundwater. Results of the surveys will be useful for an improved characterisation of hydrogeological and geothermal conditions, which are the basis for the assessment of shallow geothermal resources and its sustainable use.

Recently, GeoZS also participated in subsurface exploration for the construction of the Science Centre Ljubljana. Shallow geothermal energy will serve as source for heating and cooling for the designed buildings. Based on results of investigations hydrogeological and geothermal conceptual models were developed.

For more information about the survey, please contact:
Mitja Janza, Mitja.Janza@GEO-ZS.SI

Testing the new multilevel temperature measurement device in the field. Left: Temperature sensors are attached to a cable, which is lowered into the borehole. Right: Manual groundwater depth, temperature and electrical conductivity measurements.
Performing a pumping test and measuring physical and chemical parameters of the groundwater are part of the survey.

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